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Custom Roof Extensions in Portland

When you add a deck or patio to your home, the aesthetic result can be less than what you had hoped if the new structure looks out of place. Roof extensions provide one cohesive covering to your home that incorporates all of its elements. Discover the benefits of having roof extensions installed by the professionals at Archadeck of West Portland.

Weather Resistance

Beautiful West Portland is famous for its gray skies and rain. A rainy day at home can be quite relaxing under a covered porch. Roof extensions offer the same coverage and moisture barrier as the rest of your roof, keeping you, your deck and patio furniture dry and clean. Accumulated moisture can wear away at the materials used to build your deck or patio, so a roof extension is also a great way to save money preventing costly repairs. On the other hand, it can protect you from the hot afternoon sun.

Custom Design

Archadeck of West Portland can create custom designs that work with the flow and structure of your home. Whether you want a gazebo or pergola or to add a roof to your deck, an experienced team can help you create a design that transforms your outdoor space into a beautiful extension of your home.


Adding a roof to your outdoor structures is a great way to add privacy to their design. Whether you are holding an intimate gathering or enjoying a peaceful evening on the porch, roof extensions make you feel at home wherever you are on your property.

If you’re ready to explore your options in covering your deck or patio, contact Archadeck of West Portland today for a free estimate or download the free design guide for more information.


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